Manual Email Collection:
Action Needed

If you choose to use this newsletter page for email collection, please note that collecting emails will have to be done manually. Visitors can submit their email addresses through the page, and you'll need to manually manage and store these addresses.

Alternatively, you can integrate your email marketing provider to handle email collection. This method allows for automated email list management and simplifies the process of sending newsletters and updates to your subscribers.
Alternative Email Collection:
If you decide to use your email marketing provider, you can replace the newsletter page's functionality with a link or button that directs visitors to your email signup form on the provider's platform. This ensures a seamless and efficient email collection process.
Replacing the Email Opt Page: 
Once you've made these customizations, delete any of the canvas that says DELETE. Make sure you HIDE other canvases that you don't plan to use so you can get them back later.

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