Gallery Variety:
Action Needed

In your Showit template, you'll find a variety of gallery options designed to showcase your images and content in different ways. These options include grid galleries, sliders, and carousels.

You can decide which gallery options to use on your website. You're not required to use all of them; instead, you can select the ones that align with your content and design preferences. 
Customization Flexibility: 
Consider how you want to present your images and content to your audience. Some galleries may work better for specific types of content or storytelling. Explore the options available and choose the ones that best showcase your brand and message.
Content Presentation:
Once you've made these customizations, delete any of the canvas that says DELETE. Make sure you HIDE other canvases that you don't plan to use so you can get them back later.

editorial gallery

editorial work

Describe your style and / or the kind of clients you work with here. Tell them about what makes you different, your aesthetic, and what benefits you provide.

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Neutral Color Palette

the style brief

Classic Silhouettes

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Chic and Efficient

I'm looking to refine my personal style with a focus on minimalism and timelessness. I prefer a neutral color palette and classic silhouettes that can transition effortlessly from work to casual outings. Sustainability is important to me, so I appreciate eco-friendly fashion options. I'd love versatile pieces that make getting dressed in the morning both chic and efficient. My goal is to curate a wardrobe that reflects simplicity and elegance.


This website has been a game-changer for me. As a busy mom, I needed fashion and lifestyle advice that aligned with my life. Thanks to this site, I'm now confidently rocking minimalist style while living authentically!

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